Butler Group Secure Solutions Thermal Cameras FLIR HS-Series

FLIR HS-Series

Portable thermal imaging cameras for security and law enforcement applications.



POWER button
Initial powering takes 60 seconds. Once on, the system is set to stand-by with a single quick press on the power button. The battery lifetime in this standby mode is more than 120 hours. Another quick press on the power button returns to ON mode. To preserve battery power in the "ON Status", auto stand-by is initiated if no buttons are pressed for 3 minutes.


RECORD button
Operational on the Pro version only. A single fast press of the RECORD button records a single frame of data to the SD-card. During this operation the image is frozen for approximately 1 second. If the operator presses and holds the RECORD button for more than 2 seconds video recording is started and continued until the operator releases the button. During video recording a "record icon" is visible in the viewfinder.


ZOOM button
Each press on the ZOOM button cycles between 2x zoom and normal view. A zoom icon is presented in the viewfinder during zoom.


Black hot / White hot button
Each press on the Black Hot /White Hot button cycles between Black Hot and White Hot modes.


Each press on the BRIGHTNESS button increments to the next of 5 display brightness levels. When the maximum display brightness is reached, subsequent button presses decrement the display brightness until the minimum brightness level is reached. Thanks to this adjustable brightness, you will be able to keep your night-sight capabilities.


Shuttered eye-piece
Avoids light coming out of the viewfinder. It allows the operator to stay fully covert.


Rugged design
Ready for go-anywhere operations. In all weather conditions.


Different lens options available
According to your needs you can choose for the HS-324 with a 24° field of view or HS-307 with 7° field of view.


Hand strap
The H-Series have a hand strap on both sides of the camera for both left- or right handed use.


SD-card slot
The Pro version allows images and video, which can later be used as evidence, to be stored on a removable SD-card.


USB2 connection
Allows for fast transfer of images from the H-Series Pro to a PC.


Battery compartment
Contains 4 AA batteries.

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