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TVI Server

TVI Server is at the centre of the TVI wireless surveillance distribution architecture.Its primary function is to distribute the live video and audio streams from deployed TVI encoders to any number of viewing clients, while ensuring reliable transmission through active channel management allowing dynamic bandwidth adaption. TVI Server has been specifically designed to ensure the most effective use of available network bandwidth, by keeping the amount of communication with deployed devices as ‘light touch’ as possible.

TVI Server is capable of accessing and managing multiple encoding devices simultaneously, with licenses available for varying sizes of TVI encoder estate - from 2 encoders on the TVI SV Base level licence through to 100+ encoders on the TVI SV Enterprise licence. For ease of ongoing operation, TVI Server can deliver ‘over the air’ updates (including underlying firmware and settings) to deployed encoders without the need to physically interact with these devices. This is invaluable where cameras and encoders are deployed in covert or mobile operations.

TVI is the world's leading wireless surveillance technology and a revolutionary approach to encoding and transmitting video and audio over low or variable bandwidth networks. The TVI encoding method is based on a library of proprietary image ‘codebooks’, enabling TVI to perceive, abstract and recognise objects in an image. This makes it far more efficient at streaming content over constrained bandwidth networks than the ‘pixel-centric’ approach of conventional standards based video codecs - such as MPEG-4 and H.264 based codecs.

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