Butler Group Secure Solutions Tactical Communications TVI S400

TVI S400

The TVI S400 is a next generation wireless surveillance streaming solution in a small factor, lightweight enclosure. Despite its compact dimensions, the TVI S400 is a fully featured video and audio encoding and transmission unit, incorporating twin built-in GPRS/3G/HSDPA modules, three alarm triggers and dual switchable video inputs.

At the heart of the S400 is the TVI wireless surveillance technology, a revolutionary approach to encoding and transmitting video and audio over low or variable bandwidth networks. The TVI encoding method is based on a library of proprietary image ‘codebooks’, enabling TVI to perceive, abstract and recognise objects in an image. This makes it far more efficient at streaming content over constrained bandwidth networks than the ‘pixel-centric’ approach of conventional standards based video codecs - such as MPEG-4 and H.264 based codecs.

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