Butler Group Secure Solutions Tactical Communications TVI R500 'Tri-Star'

TVI R500 'Tri-Star'

The TVI R500 Tri-Star is an integrated, resilient and rapidly deployable remote surveillance solution, combining video and audio streaming with an built-in DVR (with 2 x SD card media slots) and an IP hub. Live streaming can be triggered by a range of intelligent or simple alarms, with multiple operators able to access the live output simultaneously on fixed and mobile platforms. The R500 features a ruggedised compact enclosure (IP67/Mil Std 810F rated), low power consumption (23 watts down to 0.5 watts in deep sleep mode) and the flexibility to operate over multiple communications bearers - cellular to satellite and Wi-Fi.

At the heart of the R500 is the TVI wireless surveillance technology, a revolutionary approach to encoding and transmitting video and audio over low or variable bandwidth networks. The TVI encoding method is based on a library of proprietary image ‘codebooks’, enabling TVI to perceive, abstract and recognise objects in an image. This makes it far more efficient at streaming content over constrained bandwidth networks than the ‘pixel-centric’ approach of conventional standards based video codecs - such as MPEG-4 and H.264 based codecs.

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