Butler Group Secure Solutions Tactical Communications TVI D400 and D200

TVI D400 and D200

The TVI D200 and D400 (pictured) are dedicated decoding solutions for converting the IP streams from TVI video encoders into composite analogue video. The output feeds into other devices such as monitors or digital video recorders (DVR). With two independent decoder units, the D400 is able to convert two separate IP streams and features a single 19” rack mounted enclosure for simple deployment into most typical control room environments.

The decoders provide a practical solution where a composite video/audio output is required for input to control room systems or direct to a monitor. Both units feature compact enclosures and low power requirements, providing a self-contained hardware solution that can provide both viewing and control for operators as required. Operators can select from any number of available streams and control PTZ functions using a USB keyboard. Units are configured with a USB pen application and will then run autonomously with no physical operator intervention.

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