Butler Group Secure Solutions Tactical Communications ThruVision TS5

ThruVision TS5

The ThruVision TS5 is the world’s leading safe and non-invasive increased distance people screening system, providing effective detection of larger objects at standoff distances up to 20m and smaller items at distances up to 10m. The compact unit is IP65 rated for continued operation in harsh outdoor environments and it is available in a range of colours to suit military and commercial applications. The TS5 is available with a range of accessories to support both permanent installation and mobile deployments.

At the heart of the TS5 is the ThruVision TeraHertz passive screening technology that provides effective detection of concealed objects at standoff distances. It operates by receiving natural energy radiated from the people and objects being imaged and, as such, it is non-invasive and safe. ThruVision is available in a range of form factors, from rapidly deployable mobile units to fixed units for compliant screening in controlled settings.

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