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ThruVision TS4

The ThruVision TS4 is the world’s most advanced compact people screening system, with unparalleled imaging quality and the capability to detect concealed objects at 4-10m. It utilises an entirely passive scanning technology, making it completely safe and able to operate in a range of standoff screening scenarios. It can be deployed in both fixed and mobile formats, in covert and overt installations, and as a standalone screening capability or integrated within a wider security architecture. The TS4 has a large depth of field that allows continuous scanning and the ability to scan a person whilst in they are in motion. This makes it suitable for use in areas of high throughput and allows greater flexibility in deployment and unit configurations.

At the heart of the TS4 is the ThruVision Terahertz passive screening technology, providing effective detection of concealed objects at standoff distances. It operates by receiving and interpreting the natural energy radiated from people and objects and, as such, it is entirely safe and non-invasive. It is available in a range of form factors, from simple to deploy mobile units to fixed installations that are more suited compliant screening in controlled settings. The real-time imagery that is output from the TS4 can be viewed by a local operator or remotely and an automatic target detection utility (beta) is also available to assist the operator in detection.

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