Butler Group Secure Solutions Tactical Communications Tactical Power Supply Unit

Tactical Power Supply Unit

The Tactical Power Supply, TPS R enables the uninterruptable and emission free power supply to the communication equipment in vehicles, remote stations and containers. It is optimized, with its EMC protection, for operation of sensitive radio receivers and can be supplied by different sources such as AC mains, generator or vehicle power. The TPS R, apart from its special EMC protection offers five different protected connections and has the ability for parallel operation in order to increase the available power.

Key characteristics

  • Vehicle power supply for harsh environments
  • 5 x 24 VDC, 30 A out, overload protected
  • EMC protection for operation in strong radio emission environments
  • Parallel operation for heavy power requirements

Key benefits

  • Managed power supply for military vehicles
  • Supports miscellaneous scenarios: supply from vehicle generator, mains, vehicle or system battery as well as battery charging

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