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Tactical openAccess Nodes

RUAG Tactical openAccess Nodes can concurrently support multiple roles in practical military communication scenarios. They enable transparent voice and data communication between strategic, public and legacy networks while interoperability and ahierarchical networking insures effective communication at every level – from the division and corps “Command & Control” down to the inter-trooper through the squad to a platoon.

The Tactical openAccess Nodes are a family of units which are highly reliable and ideally suited for deployment in vehicles with restricted amount of space or even mobile or fixed command posts. They form an essential component in the combat arena and fulfill the communication needs of the troops in the battlefield. RUAG tactical communications equipment has been field proven by several European national defense forces for mobile voice, data services and interoperability in the real day-to-day military deployment scenarios.

Ease of Operation

An integral part of the Tactical openAccess Node is a suite of network management tools, based on widely supported standards for seamless integration into existing systems. With dedicated tools for local control, the Tactical openAccess Nodes are simple to configure and easy to operate making it ideal for frequent change of personnel.

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