Butler Group Secure Solutions Tactical Communications Stryker WRX 'Phantom'

Stryker WRX 'Phantom'

The Stryker WRX range provides rapidly deployable video surveillance capability into urban environments. It can be installed and operational in minutes. It has been designed for both infrastructure-based and re-deployable video surveillance applications and is available with a range of surveillance transmission and camera options. The WRX range can be deployed as standalone units or fully integrated with existing camera surveillance networks. The units are engineered with IP67 rated housings for prolonged, reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions. WRX has been deployed for critical surveillance roles in the UK and overseas.

One of the key principles of the WRX and entire Stryker range is flexibility, in terms of camera coverage, wireless transmission formats, recording and deployment. The WRX is available with a comprehensive range of camera technologies, including visible-band and thermal imaging modules. It also has a range of configuration options for on-board recording and wireless transmission, spanning Cellular, Wi-Fi and ultra-narrowband COFDM technologies.

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