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Stryker Receivers and Controllers

Stryker Control Cases are integrated surveillance controllers and recorders. A self-contained remote unit provides full control of camera and ancillary equipment with integral recording options including mini-DV, DVR and DVD recording. Control Cases are man-portable, capable of commanding a range of Stryker camera units - and are ideally suited to mobile and covert surveillance applications. Three variants are available to suit various operational scenarios:

- Stryker Standard Control Case
- Stryker Control Case Peli
- A Stryker Desktop controller is also available

Stryker Control Cases have on-board recording (DVR) that can be accessed locally or over Wi-Fi, with a range of transmission methods that provide operators with access to real-time, low-latency feeds. Users can also access full camera functions including PTZ control presets, camera tour, recording and scheduling. On-board battery power allows for remote use.

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