Butler Group Secure Solutions Tactical Communications Stryker MX Series 'Mirador'

Stryker MX Series 'Mirador'

Mirador is an innovative 360° rotation camera that provides unrivalled video surveillance capability with the flexibility of a modular system. It features a unique gas-sealed case design, progressive zoom functionality and a range of detachable accessories, providing surveillance operatives with exceptional video quality as well as the ability to adapt the system to changes in operational environment. With its robust design, the Mirador is ideally suited to deployment into law enforcement and military sectors and is an essential asset for covert surveillance.

The unit features both optical and digital zoom with an image stabilisation function, allowing users to focus on distant objects with exceptional clarity. In addition, Mirador features a proportional zoom facility that slows the speed of camera rotation during the zoom function, allowing a steady, smooth pan and tilt at greater distance. This also offers highly accurate ‘slew to cue’ camera functionality. A range of detachable MX pods have been developed to further enhance the Mirador, including embedded recorders, triggers and alarms that extend the capability of the unit as a comprehensive and reliable visual surveillance system.

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