Butler Group Secure Solutions Tactical Communications Stryker LVT 'SWIFT'

Stryker LVT 'SWIFT'

The LVT 'Swift' is a low power, license free video transmission system with highly efficient video compression for very cost-effective long-range secure transmission. It has a compact form factor and easily configurable functions with encrypted UHF/VHF transmission, making the unit ideally suited to covert tactical surveillance applications. In comparison with other wireless video links, such as high power COFDM radio links, the LVT combines selectable video quality, efficient compression, excellent frame rates and ultra-low power consumption.

Its compact form factor, simplicity of operation and excellent power management deliver both rapid deployment and extended operation. As such, the LVT can be used in a range of hostileĀ  environments and situations, minimising the risks associated with potentially compromising returns to the equipment to replace batteries. LVT offers the opportunity to reduce operational cost and increase flexibility, without compromising either technical capability or video quality.

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