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SafeZone is an intelligent video analytics solution that automatically provides real-time alerts for zone-based intrusions and other incidents. The solution overcomes real world challenges that can adversely affect video analytics performance, automatically compensating for a range of adverse environmental factors such as variable illumination, shadows and weather events.

SafeZone is an i-LIDS® approved primary detection system both for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications. It is also an i-LIDS® approved event based recording system for sterile zone monitoring applications. The solution is consistently rated as one of the best video analytics security products based on actual field tests, with high rates of accuracy.

4D video analytics from Digital Barriers is a technology designed to provide more effective automated alerting in real world conditions. The software includes a ‘reasoning engine’ that uses video images to analyse events in terms of both space (height, width and depth) and time. This offers a more accurate analysis of security and safety scenarios, by correlating events with a timeline – in much the same way as a human would interpret scenarios.

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