Butler Group Secure Solutions Tactical Communications RAID Array

RAID Array

RAID Array provides dedicated fault-tolerant mass storage for large surveillance recording applications. RAID Array works with the FASTAR encoder range, enabling FASTAR to stream recorded data via the network for remote storage in RAID Array systems. This allows FASTAR units to be deployed around sites to capture clusters of local cameras, whilst providing resilient central recording. This simplifies and reduces installation and maintenance costs.

The fault tolerance of the system derives from dedicated hardware RAID controllers and critical component redundancy allowing recording to continue in the event of hardware error. Integral components such as HDDs or PSUs are replaced without the need to power down the system or stop recording. Local and remote alarms indicate any errors to operators to enable both preventative and reactive service. RAID Array can be factory configured to RAID levels 1, 5 or 6 including hot spare, depending on requirements. Either 8 or 12 HDDs are supported within each system, with overall storage dependant on individual RAID configuration.

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