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Digital Barriers offers the multi-function MPX real-time sensor processing and fusion platform to overcome the challenges of operating in hostile operational and environmental conditions. It features a range of optimised, power efficient imaging techniques that directly enhance the amount of information visible, or by providing a stable artefact free image.

MPX local area contrast enhancement (LACE) is an invaluable processing function for situations in which the illumination of environmental conditions causes detail to be lost in an image. In visible-band camera imagery, this technique enables information from regions of shadow to be extracted – whilst preserving information within areas that are high illumination and high contrast. The LACE technique can also be applied equally to thermal imagery, where features in the imagery are strengthened and edge information is reinforced.

Unlike a uniform contrast adjustment, the LACE processing algorithm enhances the contrast dynamically by different amounts in different areas of an image. This provides the optimal contrast across the imagery and ensures that small details, which otherwise might be missed, are enhanced and available to an operator or analyst. LACE can be used on real-time imagery (with a latency of less than 20 milliseconds) or in the post processing of recorded video.

MPX is an extremely powerful and adaptable platform that offers the option to implement a range of processing functions in software or hardware – depending on the complexity of the application, speed of deployment and power considerations. It can be used to enable in-line processing enhancements, as part of an enhancement to a current in-service system, or as part of an integrated enhancement embedded within the sensor itself. MPX algorithms have been optimised as a result of thorough testing and trials across land, sea and air domains.

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