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FASTAR is a server-based digital video recording system that provides smooth real-time D1 resolution video recording with fully lip-synchronised audio. It provides recording of individual channels of full-frame rate video, audio and data using any combination of continuous recording, motion detection or external alarm input. User access to all the functionality of FASTAR can be achieved over the network using the CONTROL SMS application.

FASTAR is a fully scalable recording solution for local or remote operation, providing simple networking of multiple recorders to provide access to large camera estates through a single user interface - regardless of physical location. Using the CONTROL SMS interface, FASTAR can display live, recorded or mixed views using a variety of screen layouts. Viewing screens can be populated with video from site maps or camera lists, both simply and intuitively. The export of FASTAR recordings is an equally simple process, using the CONTROL SMS interface to output either data or evidentially compliant movie format DVDs.

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