Butler Group Secure Solutions Tactical Communications COE X-Stream Series

COE X-Stream Series

X-Stream provides high-quality, ultra low latency and low bandwidth H.264 video encoding and transmission over IP networks. Modules are designed for single or multiple analogue video inputs and support duplex data channels, contact closure inputs and duplex audio. Designed for very high-performance operation, X-Stream has been deployed at the heart of surveillance and security networks in transportation and other demanding environments - for networks that feature many hundreds of video channels. The X-Stream range also features optional video analytics for automated alerting and in-built intelligence across extensive camera estates.

X-Stream was the world’s first video server to feature a ‘direct-to-fibre’ module that enables it to connect directly to optical fibre networks for transmission over long distances and in certain operational settings, such as petrochemicals, where Ethernet networks are not an option. The module includes coarse wave division multiplexing (CDWM) and small form factor pluggable (SFP) optics to extend the range, flexibility and capacity of fibre based video transmission.

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