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The CheckPoint.S identity surveillance and verification platform provides secure and reliable real-time identification of both compliant and non-compliant subjects. Its specially designed light immune sensor is able to operate in low lighting conditions or shadows, making it an effective facial biometric system for real-world applications. Since humans cannot consistently recognise other humans, CheckPoint.S provides accurate identification of enrolled subjects. It has been proven to outperform skilled and experienced staff in head-to-head tests, even when staff knew they were being compared. It is also extremely simple to deploy and operate.

CheckPoint.S uses unique facial recognition algorithms paired with its custom-designed sensor that uses infrared (IR) light to capture biometric images of the subject and instantly compare them against a database of enrolled individuals. If the subject matches an identity on a watchlist it triggers an alert, either on the web interface or via email, SMS or even IM. This enables security operative to take swift and appropriate action. All sightings of subjects are recorded and logged on the system for simple, reliable retrospective or forensic analysis.

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