Butler Group Secure Solutions Camera Systems FLIR PTZ-35x140 MS / SR-35x140 MS

FLIR PTZ-35x140 MS / SR-35x140 MS


  • The PTZ-35x140 MS and SR-35x140 MS are especially developed for security applications.
  • They are powerful, multi-sensor, mid-range, thermal imaging systems.
  • They feature two thermal imaging cameras and one daylight / low light camera.
  • One thermal imager has a wide angle field-of-view and is ideal for situational awareness.
  • The other with the narrow field-of-view is designed for mid-range target recognition.
  • The PTZ-35x140 MS and SR-35x140 MS allow you to detect objects, the size of a human being, more than 2 km away, in total darkness, through smoke, light fog and in the most adverse weather conditions.

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