Butler Group Components TDK-Lambda Alpha

TDK-Lambda Alpha


  • Input voltage range: universal input range from 85V to 265VAC world wide commercial input
  • Harmonics Current Control: Alpha has unique active filter for compliance with IEC1000-3-2/EN61000-3-2 harmonicslimitation.
  • Meets international safety standards: Llsted UL1950, CSA950(C-UL), EN60950 (SEMCO),
  • Meets CE regulations: Alpha conforms with 'Low-Voltage Directive' of the CE-Marking and indicated.
  • EMI (Conducted EMI / Radiated RFI):Alpha mets the EMI Standard EN55022 class A/VCCI Class A (CISPR pub.22),
  • EN55022 class B and VCCI class B using TDK-Lambda Noise Filters.
  • EMS (immunity)
  • Adapted EN61000-4 series (IEC61000-4serise)
  • EN61000-4-2 Level 4 : Electro-Static Discharge
  • EN61000-4-3 Level 3 : Radiated Electromagnetic Radio Frequency
  • EN61000-4-4 Level 4 : First Transient Barest
  • EN61000-4-5 Level 3 : Input surge Voltage
  • Alpha 400/600/800: 3 years warranty, Alpha 250S: 2 years warranty

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