Butler Group Components Pro-Audio Broadcast Patchbays Switchcraft MTP24K Series Wall Mount Punch Block Panels

Switchcraft MTP24K Series Wall Mount Punch Block Panels

  • Wall mountable blocks allow for 24 channels of audio or 144 conductors of cable runs to be joined to a central joined location.
  • The blocks are extremely lightweight but at the same time very durable and easy to work with.
  • Available in 11" high or high density 7".
  • Each block is fitted with two grounding banana/screw ports that make linking multiple blocks together simple.
  • Each grounding port is floated from the case.
  • Because of the unique IDC/PPT design each contact accepts up to three wires which can be of mixed gauges of 22, 24, and 26AWG.
  • Solid or stranded accepted.
  • Ultra lightweight and durable each front is labeled for 1 - 24 channels.
  • Available pre-wired or non-pre-wired.
  • Pre-wired versions are a gas tight wire wrap on each contact.
  • Unwired is punch down.
  • Termination accessory kit included.

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