Butler Group Components Batteries Custom Battery Packs Development Process

Development Process

  • The Butler Group and Gold Peak can assist you with designing a smart power solution for your portable electronic device.
  • The success of your project is critically dependent upon the amount of time & effort spent at the design stage.
  • Early involvement with an experienced smart battery designer gives you the best choices in technology, electronics and battery design.
  • Gold Peak Industries uses a mature development process that ensures your solution meets or exceeds specifications.

Design Process

  • Design Input- Customer Requirement Defined
  • Preliminary Design-Cell Selection, Electronic, Mechanical Testing Requirements
  • Joint Development of Specifications
  • Electrical Design                                  Mechanical Design
  • Rapid Prototype / Samples
  • Design Validation - Customer Approval
  • Special Testing UL Approval, If Necessary
  • Tooling Fabrication Final Documentation
  • Pre-Production Approval
  • Design Verification-Final Testing
  • Product Launch

For more information on how we can help you design bespoke battery solutions, please contact Aidan Butler on + 353 1 6292620.

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