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Harris OpenSky2

  • Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications is a leading supplier of assured communications® systems and equipment for public safety, governement, utility, commercial and transportation markets – with products ranging from the most advanced IP voice and data networks, to industry leading multiband, multimode radios, to public safety-grade broadband video and data solutions.
  • With more than 80 years of experience, Harris supports over 500 systems around the world.
  • Harris is dedicated to developing best-in-class assured communications® products, systems, and services.
  • A Complete Broadband Solution for Public Safety and Professional Communications

Next Generation of the Proven Digital Voice and Data Communications Network Platform

  • A fully interoperable digital radio communication network for public safety, utility, industrial and transit organisations, OpenSky2TM is a comprehensive enhancement of the network platform including improved user services, superior coverage reliability and a number of audio improvements and features.

Advanced Digital Audio Features

  • OpenSky2 provides a significant improvement in overall voice quality as well as background noise suppression and enhanced dynamic range.
  • The OpenSky2 enhanced AMBE Vocoder provides radio users with 40 different volume settings that can be adjusted to balance the requirements of users with the ambient noise challenges of the surrounding environment.
  • In addition, the My Audio equaliser setting enables agencies to customise and balance audio device levels across an entire system.

Enhanced User Services

  • OpenSky2’s advanced signal processing and registration improvements expedite the transition and access time when users move between tower sites to deliver faster and more efficient roaming.
  • With these quicker transitions and more consistent roaming behavior, users will experience more reliable voice and data performance in a large network.

Expanded V-TAC Support

  • OpenSky2’s V-TAC (Vehicular Tactical Network) Profile Model will allow for up to 16 groups to be accessed by V-TAC client, with up to 30 clients supported.
  • OpenSky2’s V-TAC triples the number of users supported by the legacy V-TAC solution.

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