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October, 2017

Electricity Applied - A handbook of common applications and key measurement parameters

Understanding electrical power and measuring its consumption is  key to optimize product development and usage. This eBook discusses the basics of electrical power and introduces some of the key distinctions between DC and AC power measurements. Download the eBook>>

New T&M Magazine: ScopeCorders precise data acquisition and analysis

Electrical and electronic design tools attempt to model and predict the behaviour of systems in their working environment. However as systems become ever more complex and the all possible usage scenarios cannot be imagined, the need to test products and systems both in the laboratory and in real world conditions in the field will continue. This magazine is fully dedicated to the ScopeCorders -  precision measurements in the laboratory and now also in the field. Download the magazine>>

EPE Europe 2017 impressions: Power electronics and measurements

EPE 2017, The 19th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications was held in September in Warsaw, Poland. EPE 2017 attracted over 900 visitors from the industry all over the world. Yokogawa was among the 41exhibitors at the event showcasing its pure play and hybrid capabilities in power measurement, signal analysis, and data acquisition. If you missed the show, here’s a short review ont the event from Yokogawa’s perspective. Read further>>

LIVE Webinar Thu 26 Oct 2017, 11am CET – 10 considerations for accurate power measurements

Welcome to this 45mins webinar that explores some of the key factors in power measurement to help you extract the best accuracy for your measurements. Key areas covered include measurement and uncertainty; influence of power factor, harmonics, temperature, CMRR and external sensors; measurement ranges: RMS, Peak and Crest factor considerations and calibration, adjustment and drift. Register now for the webinar>>

The NEW Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder – More than a test tool

The DL350 ScopeCorder combines in one compact instrument all the measurement and recording capabilities you need when you are away from your office or lab. High-speed signals or long-term recording, ‘quick and simple’ or sophisticated operation, the DL350 provides the flexibility you need when you need it. Capture, display, record and analyze the widest variety of electrical and physical parameters in automotive, transportation, electronics, energy and mechatronics. View the video>>

Do you like what you see, visit DL350 webpage for more information.

Complete measurements, complete portability

Stay up to date with the latest software and firmware upgrades, instruction manuals and data sheets.

Power Measurement

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Choosing a power measurement instrument that is right for you

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Optical Measurement Instruments

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication using LEDs

The monochromator band pass filter

OSA specifications explained

Oscilloscopes & ScopeCorders

How to trigger on power calculated signals in real-time, using a transient recorder?

How to combine measurements of CAN or LIN-Bus, electrical and sensor data?

How to monitor AC power lines using a modern data acquisition recorder?

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