March, 2018

New AQ6360 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Designed for precision, engineered for cost-effectiveness. The new AQ6360 optical spectrum analyser is optimised for testing telecom devices during and after production and offers a very high measurement speed, a compact and robust design and low capital and operational costs.

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Power measurement software suite

We provide you with a comprehensive suite of software tools to complement and support your power measurement tasks. This is a summary of the most popular PC software available for power measurement solutions and where to get them.

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Linear Scaling on the DL350

Linear scaling is a method of converting the voltages on the inputs of a measuring instrument into the engineering units of the quantity being measured. As an example, this video demonstrates how the DL350 portable ScopeCorder can be easily configured to show a display of 0 to 14.5 PSI from a sensor which is actually outputting 4 to 20 mA.

To view more videos on applications, tips & tricks or overall product introduction, visit our Yokogawa T&M YouTube channel.

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Power Measurement

Electricity Applied - A handbook of common applications and key measurement parameters

10 + 1 Reasons why you aren’t measuring power accurately

Choosing a power measurement instrument that is right for you

Optical Measurement Instruments

OSAs – The monochromator band pass filter

Yokogawa innovation reward - Special offer for special customers

OSA specifications explained

Oscilloscopes & ScopeCorders

ScopeCorders precise data acquisition and analysis

eBook: Unique measuring instrument for automotive design engineers

VIP tools suite for Automotive Design Engineers

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