August, 2015

WT300E, the enhanced version of the world’s best-selling power meter launched

Yokogawa has introduced an enhanced version of its WT300 Series of its best-selling compact 5th generation digital power meters featuring higher accuracy, new measurement functionality and improved connectivity.

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PX8000 helps to minimise the energy consumption of industrial robots

The Yokogawa PX8000 Precision Power Scope is playing a key part in tests being carried out by KUKA Systems as part of a programme designed to minimise the energy consumption of the latest generation of industrial robots.

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Laboratory class split-core current sensor for accurate high-current measurements

A novel high-current sensing technique developed by PM Special Measuring Systems (PM SMS) in the Netherlands is being used by Yokogawa Europe to boost the current measuring capacity of its industry-leading WT3000 precision power analyser.

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