VoLTE promises customers a better voice experience — faster call connection times and high definition voice quality — with no downsides in terms of service accessibility, retainability, and mobility when compared to their legacy voice service experience. A comparison that other LTE data services need not worry about. But what tools do operators require to ensure that their customers receive that VoLTE better quality experience?

Download this Viavi solution brief to learn about a VoLTE assurance tool that:

  • Measures voice quality every 6 seconds during all VoLTE calls
  • Tracks the IMS call control signaling procedures and measures call connection times
  • Verifies the correct operation of fall-back call handovers to legacy 2G/3G networks

After reviewing the solution brief, contact your local Viavi representative and request a demo of this critical VoLTE tool and see how Viavi can enable you to deliver on the VoLTE experience promise.

Download the Solution Brief

Thank you,

The Viavi VoLTE Test and Assurance Team