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Teledyne LeCroy Probes

LeCroy has a wide variety of world class probes and amplifiers to its product line. The DA1800A series of differential amplifiers and probes, the 500 MHz AP033 differential probe, PPE series of six high voltage probes, AP015 (50 MHz, 50 Amp), current probes and a wide selection of active and passive probes with bandwidths to 20 GHz are available.

You can select from the following probes:

  • Active Voltage Probes
  • Current Probes
  • Differential Amplifiers
  • Differential Probes
  • High Voltage Probes
  • High Voltage Differential Probes
  • Optical Probes
  • Passive Probes
  • Positioners and Holders
  • Probe Parts and Kits
  • Transmission Line Probes

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