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Teledyne LeCroy HDO4000-MS High Definition Oscilloscopes

HDO4000 oscilloscopes combine Teledyne LeCroy’s HD4096 high definition technology with long memory, powerful debug tools, and mixed signal capability in a compact form factor with a 12.1” wide touch screen display.

Key Features
  • 12-bit ADC resolution, up to 15 bit with enhanced resolution
  • 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz bandwidths
  • Long Memory – up to 25 Mpts/Ch (50 Mpts interleaved)
  • 12.1” touch screen display
  • WaveScan – Advanced Search and Find
  • LabNotebook Documentation and Report Generation
  • History Mode – Waveform Playback
  • Spectrum Analyzer Mode
  • Power Analysis Software
  • Serial Data Trigger and Decode
  • 16 Digital Channels with 1.25 GS/s Sample Rate
  • Mixed Signal Debug Capabilities
    • Analog and Digital Cross Pattern Triggering
    • Digital Pattern Search and Find
    • Analog and Digital Timing Measurements
    • Activity Indicators

HD4096 High Definition Technology

HD4096 high definition technology enables oscilloscopes to capture and display signals of up to 1 GHz with high sample rate and 16 times more resolution than other oscilloscopes.

Benefits of HD4096 Technology

Waveforms captured and displayed on oscilloscopes with HD4096 technology are cleaner and crisper. Signal details often lost in the noise are clearly visible and easy to distinguish HD4096 enables oscilloscopes to deliver unmatched measurement precision for improved debug and analysis.

Mixed Signal - No Compromises

Debug complex embedded designs with integrated 16 channel mixed signal capability

Identify and Isolate Problems Fast

Quickly locate analog or digital waveforms for runts, glitches or other anomolies with WaveScan

History Mode Waveform Playback

Scroll back in time to isolate anomalies and quickly find the source of the problem.

Touch Screen Simplicity

Easily control channels, trigger, math and measurements with the large multi-touch display and intuitive interface.

Sequence Mode

Capture many fast pulses in quick succession or events separated by long periods of time.

Serial Bus Trigger and Decode

View decoded protocol information on top of physical layer waveforms and trigger on protocol specific messages

Save, Document, Report

Save all results and data with a single button press and create custom reports with LabNotebook

Simple Power Measurements

Measure and analyze operating characteristics of power conversion devices and circuits

Spectrum Analyzer Interface

View signal details in the frequency domain with a spectrum analyzer style user interface

Advanced Math and Measure

Use automatic measurement parameters and math functions to understand every waveform detail

Cross Triggering

Flexible analog and digital cross-pattern triggering across all 20 channels

Digital Timing Measurements

Perform timing measurements on digital signals and analyze with trends, statistics and histicons

Parallel Pattern Search

Find a digital pattern across many digital lines using the parallel pattern search capability of WaveScan

Activity Indicators

Quickly see the state of all the digital lines at the same time using convenient activity indicators.

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