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The DLM4000 is a unique to the industry eight-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope suitable to test and debugging applications in the embedded systems, power electronics, mechatronics, and automotive sectors. Available in both 350 MHz and 500 MHz models, the 2.5 GSa/sec DLM4000 features eight analog input channels. The eighth input channel features Flex MSO which converts to a 8-bit logic analyzer at the push of a button; add sixteen additional logic analyzer inputs as an option, for 24-bit logic analysis. Advanced measurement and analysis features such as power analysis and serial-bus analysis, digital filtering, user-defined math, and super-long record lengths (up to 125 Mega Points) make the DLM4000 a super powerful engineering tool. High-resolution 12.1-inch LCD display, compact landscape format, ergonomic and friendly user-interface make it easy to use.

12.1 Inch LCD Enables Eight Waveforms to be Easily Observed

Typical Demanding Applications for the Eight-Channel DLM4000

Motor Control & Inverter Circuit Development

Key to efficient and reliable high-performance electric motors is the modern inverter design, or ‘Intelligent Power Module’. Multi-channel, high-speed waveform measurement is an absolute necessity. Four channels are simply NOT enough. Boasting eight true analog inputs, the DLM4000 empowers today’s engineer with a convenient and comprehensive measurement system.

Electronic Control Unit & Mechatronic Test

Numerous I/O analog, digital, and serial-bus waveforms surrounding the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) must be measured. The DLM4000 offers ample channel-count and architecture to monitor eight analog channels and up to 24-bits of logic input while simultaneously performing protocol analysis such as UART, I²C, SPI, CAN, LIN and FlexRay. The DLM4000 can speed up the R&D process.

Power Supply & Power Coverter Test

During the evaluation of power supply design, it is necessary to measure noise, ripple, voltage margin and current, as well as timing margins and the jitter of the startup-shutdown sequences. As the number of waveforms in modern power supply designs is increasing, especially for intelligent digitally-controlled power supplies, battery management systems, and wireless power supply systems- a four channel oscilloscope is not enough.

Troubleshooting, Total System Test 

For laboratory and field troubleshooting, the ability to measure as many suspicious signals as possible enables quick solutions to be found. The 8 channels of the DLM4000 provide the capability to measure more signals at one time, both now and to meet future needs.

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