Butler Group Test and Measurement Green Zone Circutor AR6 Full Kit

Circutor AR6 Full Kit

Circutor AR6 Portable Power Analyser

Portable network and quality supply analyser.
• 10 inputs for measurement (5 for voltgae and 5 for current).
• 128 samples by cicle by each channel in class 0,5.
• High-resolution color screen of 5,7” which allows high resolution graphical representations of waveforms, phasors diagram or harmonic descomposition.
• Transients and power quality network recording according to EN 50160 in class B according IEC 61000-4-30.
• Fully customised for all internal and external features, identifying phases colors according to requirements or regulations.
• Memory optimisation bay device programming periods and/or special conditions for registration.
• Compatible with new flexible clamps, built-in amplifier, AM54- FLEX and AMS14-FLEX.

Kit includes carring case and a 4flex clamp kit

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