Butler Group Test and Measurement General RF Measurement Spectran HF-4060 (100MHz to 6GHz)

Spectran HF-4060 (100MHz to 6GHz)


  • Same as SPECTRAN HF-4040. In addition:
  • HyperLOG 7060 instead of HyperLOG 7040
  • Frequency range: 100MHz to 6GHz**
  • Typ. level range: -90dBm to 0dBm**
  • Typ. accuracy: +/- 3dB**
  • Heavily extended frequency range up to 6GHz.
  • The HF-4060 thus also lends itself as a cost-effective measurement solution for all 5-6GHz WLan, the 5cm amateur radio band and VHF/UHF point-to-point radio frequencies.
  • This NEW Revision3 offers a lower noise level and a optional REAL TIME power detector.

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