Butler Group Test and Measurement General RF Measurement Spectran HF-2025E (700MHz to 2,5GHz)

Spectran HF-2025E (700MHz to 2,5GHz)


  • DECT & TimeSlot Analyser
  • REALTIME PEAK power detector (option)
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Direct RF spectrum display!
  • High performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
  • Frequency and signal strength display!
  • High resolution multifunction display
  • Exposure limit calculation according to DIN/VDE 0848!
  • AM demodulation
  • Advanced HOLD function
  • Switchable PULS mode
  • Incl. battery pack and charger
  • Incl. HyperLOG 7025 EMC antenna
  • Frequency range: 700MHz to 2,5GHz
  • Typ. level range: -80dBm to 0dBm
  • Typ. accuracy: +/- 4dB**
  • The SPECTRAN HF-2025E is the ultimate RF measurement device for the novice at an unbeatable price!
  • Several included accessories (LogPer antenna, special battery, charger and transportcase) and the extended functionality (like DECT analysis!) particularly allow the novice PROFESSIONAL measurements at an affordable price.
  • Option power detector for REALTIME power measurements.
  • This NEW Revision3 offers a lower noise level and a optional REAL TIME power detector.

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