Butler Group Test and Measurement General RF Measurement Bird 3129 BPME Broadcast Power Monitor Display

Bird 3129 BPME Broadcast Power Monitor Display

  • Remote Monitor Panel for the BPME Series Broadcast Power Monitor.
  • The 3129 accurately measures power in digitally modulated and multi-carrier systems and displays the BPME status.
  • The single line display is divided into two fields and displays forward power, and either reflected power or the match measurement.
  • An indicator in the lower right of the last digit blinks on and off to indicate communication with the BPME.
  • It also acts as a DC power supply.
  • The unit includes a 50 feet of cable to connect RS-232 and serial ports between 3129 and line section, and serial interface cable.
  • Displays match measurements as VSWR, Rho, Return Loss, or efficiency.
  • Supplies DC power to the BPME.
  • Displays the BPME alarm status.
  • Provides an electrical interface for the discrete outputs from the BPME.
  • Provides an interface to connect a PC to the BPME.
  • VSWR, return loss and match efficiency calculations using hardware or PC-based software displays.
  • ±5% of reading accuracy for power, ±10% for VSWR.
  • Handles peak to average ratio of greater than 10 dB.

  • Calibration Available

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