Butler Group Test and Measurement Environmental and Process Test Weiss Technik Temperature/Climate Test Chamber WT/WK - ESS

Weiss Technik Temperature/Climate Test Chamber WT/WK - ESS

  • Facilitate controlled improvement of the reliability of technological products by enabling the user to detect and remove the cause of faults early on.
  • The test systems based on the well-tried modules of the WT and K series with increased power or heating, cooling and circulating air.
  • The WK series also complies with customary climatic test standards.
  • The technology of the systems, as is to be expected from the ergonomic design, provides optimum operation and reliable functioning:
  • Powerful, homogeneous temperature and/or climate conditioning of the test chamber.
  • The specimens are protected by an independent temperature measurement.
  • Easily accessible maintenance elements ensure minimum service

Environmental Stress Screening System

  • During the ESS test, the productsare subject to precisely defined stress so that defects in components and PCBs can be detected before leaving the manufacturer’s plant.
  • Detecting weak points considerably improves the robustness of the products.
  • Unreliable systems are filtered out before they reach the customers.

The advantages of ESS are . . .

  • Improvement of product reliability
  • The quality itself is substantially improved
  • Customer satisfaction increases
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced risks
  • Quick “feedback”
  • Problems can be detected more rapidly.

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