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Pharma Wireless Temperature Monitoring

  • Using a robust wireless network, Kelsius can communicate key data from a broad spectrum of operational points to a central repository within the Cold Chain Portal where data is processed and presented using sophisticated on-line software.
  • A large number of Kelsius clients are currently utilising the Cold Chain Portal to monitor the traceability of the cold chain in healthcare and pharma.
  • Parameters such as temperature and humidity can be wirelessly monitored in real-time, either in a static environment or during transportation.
  • This enables clients to protect the integrity of products and avoid product loss. Moreover, time-consuming paper trials are removed increasing staff productivity.
  • Other features that customers enjoy include the use of wireless data entry clients such as PDAs to log the completion of procedural tasks and automatically transmit the information to the Cold Chain Portal.
  • Management can then easily view task completion helping them to improve quality compliance.
  • From simply storing company documentation to the reporting of environmental monitoring, the Kelsius Cold Chain Portal can be utilised to collate data from a wide array of sources and present the information in a user-friendly manner.


  • No in-house development and operational support required.
  • Integrates with corporate MIS systems.
  • Customised reporting.
  • Access to data 24/7.
  • Enables sharing of cold chain information with colleagues, suppliers and customers improving compliance and productivity.
  • Real-time automated reporting , such as environmental monitoring, protects product integrity, avoids product loss and saves time associated with manual recording.


  • Central repository for broad spectrum of information.
  • Automated reporting service e.g. environmental monitoring.
  • The portal can be hosted by Kelsius as a managed service or operated as part of a corporate¬†intranet.
  • Data integrity is protected providing an audit trial complaint with regulatory requirements e.g. 21CFR Part 11.
  • Supports 3rd party Data Loggers.
  • Paperless archiving.

  • Calibration Available
  • Training Available
  • Rental Available

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