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Healthcare Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Kelsius is a wireless service that automates the process of temperature monitoring in controlled storage and testing environments within the healthcare sector, alarming designated staff members when the temperature deviates from set parameters.

The broad scope of applications includes fridges, freezers, incubators and water baths.

Main points:

  • Chief Pharmacists can easily comply with industry best practice for the safe storage of medicines and also reduce product wastage associated with fridge failures.
  • Laboratory Managers can also comply with mandatory legislation and protect the integrity of highly valuable samples and test results.
  • The Kelsius service consists of a wireless temperature monitoring and management system, a central data processing system and sophisticated on-line reporting software.
  • Kelsius install small wireless sensors in all monitoring points, which connect to the Internet through a data logger via the local area network.
  • The Kelsius system transmits the temperature data at regular intervals to the Kelsius data centre, where the data is processed and presented as user-friendly and flexible reports.
  • These can be easily and securely accessed anytime, anywhere, via the Internet. All data is encrypted for complete security whilst their web-based service minimises the need for local IT support and maintenance.
  • If a measured temperature goes outside of the set range an alert is triggered and transmitted as a text message, email or via local visual and audible alarms. All temperature data and corrective actions are archived providing a complete audit trail.
  • Kelsius also provides portable temperature sensors which can be used for monitoring temperature-sensitive products during transit, thereby providing full traceability of the distribution chain.
  • These sensors can also be used with the reporting software for inhouse temperature mapping to verify the uniformity of heat distribution within a defined area. This solution therefore precludes the need for an external service provider.


  • Quality Control: Protects integrity of product/sample/test result
  • Cost: Reduced product/sample wastage
  • Reliability: real-time, web-based temperature monitoring
  • Traceability: 2-year live data history on-line. Longer by request
  • Availability: 24x7x365 access to information
  • Productivity: Time consuming paper trails removed
  • Job satisfaction: Primary role of health professional enhanced


  • Non disruptive and flexible deployment of the wireless sensors network.
  • DB9702 Electromagnetic Compatiblity with medical devices.
  • Complies with requirements for inclusion in 21CFR Part11 system.
  • Annual re-calibration against traceable standard.
  • Highly effective wireless network: uses less than 10% of the energy consumption compared to similar technologies
  • Solution for monitoring in-transit and in-house temperature mapping

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