Butler Group Test and Measurement Environmental and Process Test Glassmann LX Series

Glassmann LX Series

  • LX Series
  • Extended Current
  • 1000 Watt Regulated
  • High Voltage
  • DC Power Supplies
  • Models from 0 to 1kV through 0 to 150kV.
  • Fully compliant with the European harmonised EMI directive, EN50082-2, and with the low voltage (safety) directive, 73/23/EEC. Up To 150kV
  • 8.75 Inch Panel Height
  • Laboratory Performance

Enhanced Features

  • The LX Series are 1000 watt regulated high voltage DC power supplies with an important difference.  Maximum current ratings are equivalent to a 2000W supply.
  • This maximum current, which is available for all output voltages up to 50% of rated voltage, should be of significant interest for many applications.
  • The LX is offered with dual analog voltage and current meters or, optionally, with dual digital meters, or a blank panel for OEM/systems applications.


  • Extended Current: LX models have maximum current ratings that are equivalent to a 2000W supply. These currents are available up to 50% of rated output voltage. Above this point, current is derated to maintain a constant 1000 W maximum output.
  • Pulse-Width Modulation: Off-the-line pulse-width modulation provides high efficiency and a reduced parts count for improved reliability.
  • Air Insulated: The LX Series features "air" as the primary dielectric medium. No oil or encapsulation is used to impede serviceability or increase weight.
  • Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation: Automatic crossover from constant-voltage to constant-current regulation provides protection against overloads, arcs, and short circuits.
  • Low Ripple: Ripple is less than 0.03% of rated voltage at full load.
  • Tight Regulation: Voltage regulation is better than 0.005% for allowable line and load variations. Current regulation is better than 0.05% from short circuit to rated voltage.
  • Front Panel Controls: (Analog and Digital Versions.) Separate 10-turn controls with locking vernier dials are used to set voltage and current levels. A high voltage enable switch and an AC power on/off switch complete the panel controls. L.E.D.'s indicate when high voltage is on, the output polarity, and whether the supply is operating in a voltage or current regulating mode. For the blank panel version, only a power on/off switch is provided on the panel.
  • Small Size and Weight: LX Series power supplies occupy only 8.75 inches of panel height. Net weight is less than 47 pounds.
  • Warranty: Standard power supplies are warranted for three years; OEM and modified power supplies are warranted for one year. A formal warranty statement is available.

  • Calibration Available

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