Butler Group Test and Measurement Environmental and Process Test Fluke 1650B Series Multifunction Installation Testers

Fluke 1650B Series Multifunction Installation Testers

  • Extra functionality, faster testing, and as rugged as ever.
  • The new 1650B Series builds on the rugged reputation of the earlier 1650 Series, only it’s re-designed to meet your need for more productive test tools.

This new series contain the following new features

  • Fast high current loop test
  • Variable RCD current mode for customized settings
  • PASS/FAIL indication for RCD tests
  • FLUKE-1651 with 250 V insulation test voltage (250 V, 500 V and 1000 V)
  • Select voltage measurement between L-N, L-PE and N-PE
  • Zero adapter for easy test lead compensation, available as new accessory and also included with standard scope of supply

Fluke 1651B

  • The everyday tester, for every electrical installer
  • This is the instrument that can be used every single day (day in, day out), and covers all the basic needs.
  • It is the preferred tester for every front-line electrician/installer.

Fluke 1652B

  • The ideal tester for professional trouble-shooters
  • This is the instrument that is indeed ideal for professional users due to its additional functionality.
  • It is also ideal since even though it has high-end features, it is still easy to use – even after longer periods of non-use; because operating it is intuitive and not forgotten easily.

Fluke 1653B

  • The complete tester for advanced users
  • This is the instrument that has it all, in a word: it’s complete.
  • From all the test functions you need to in-built memory for documenting results.
  • This makes it the complete solution for professionals, especially contractors, everyone who would want to have the best tool available and always understands (or know) how to use.

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