Butler Group Test and Measurement Environmental and Process Test Fluke 1620 Series GEO Earth Ground Testers

Fluke 1620 Series GEO Earth Ground Testers

  • The Fluke 1620 series Earth Ground Testers not only measure ground resistance using the classic 'fall of potential test' but also enable time saving testing using the 'Selective' and 'stakeless' methods.
  • Selective Testing does not require the electrode under test to be disconnected during the measurement, thus increasing safety.
  • The simple 'stakeless' method quickly checks ground connections using two current probes clamped around the ground conductor under test.
  • Offering 'One-Button' simplicity, the model 1623 is an all-in-one earth ground tester, while the model 1625 has extra versatility for more demanding applications.

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