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FLIR SC5000 Series

High performance thermal imaging cameras for industrial, educational & thermography

The FLIR SC5000 Series provides a high spatial resolution allowing a highest sensitivity & accuracy. Its 320 x 256 or 640 x 512 pixels format Indium Antimonide (InSb) focal plane array delivers respectively an outstanding 380 or 100 Hz frame rate while keeping extraordinary linearity and sensitivity figures. The use of our latest read out integrated circuit technology provides low noise and high pixel rate without compromising sensitivity.

The smart external triggering feature allows synchronisation of the image capture to the most fleeting of events. The FLIR SC5000 Series is truly plug & play using either GigE or CAMLINK interfaces to transmit both commands and full dynamic range digital video. Its autofocus embedded lens allows to easily setup the camera.

detector Choice of detector
The FLIR SC5000 series is equipped with a cooled Indium Antimonide detector that allows the smallest of temperature differences to be seen. It operates in the 2.5 to 5.1 µm waveband. A version equipped with a Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) detector is also available. It operates in the 3.7 to 4.8 µm waveband.

640x512 640 x 512 pixels
Some models of the SC5000 series produce crisp thermal images of 640 x 512 pixels. Users that do not need this spatial resolution can choose a version that produces thermal images of 320 x 256 pixels.

high sensitivity 45 High Sensitivity: up to 20 mK
20 mk thermal sensitivity captures the finest image details and temperature difference information

windowing Ultra high frame rate with windowing
Depending on the model and detector, the FLIR SC5000 series can deliver thermal images up to a speed of 31.7 kHz. Windowing allows a subset of the total image to be selectively read out with user-adjustable window size at a much higher frame rate. The sub-sample window sizes and locations can be arbitrarily chosen and are easily defined using the camera control software.

external trigger External triggering
External triggering allows synchronisation of the image capture to the most fleeting events. Three external analogue signals are synchronously acquired with the image allowing embedding external sensor measurements.

integration time Adjustable integration time
Integration time is adjustable in nanosecond increments. The smart external triggering feature allows synchronisation of the image capture to the most fleeting events.

accurate non temp measurement Temperature Range Extension
Temperature Range Extension (TRE) allows SC5000 cameras to acquire thermal data from up to 4 user defined temperature ranges simultaneously. The data can then be merged into a single data stream in real-time that spans all 4 temperature ranges and be displayed or recorded. TRE effectively extends the dynamic range from 14-bit to a 16-bit image.

spectral tuning Removable filter wheel
The FLIR SC5000 series comes standard with a removable, motorised 4 position filter wheel. This allows imaging of events in a very narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

one touch.png Multiple video outputs
The FLIR SC5000 series feature multiple independent video outputs to include:
• Analog – Composite (BNC)
• Digital – CameraLink
• Digital – Gigabit Ethernet

IRIG Precise automatic IRIG time stamp of all images
IRIG timing receiver is built directly into the SC5000 camera providing accurate time stamping in the camera header information. IRIG is a standardised time code allowing equipment to be synchronised to a known reference time. The most common version is IRIG-B, which encodes day of year, hour, minute, and second data on a 1 kHz carrier frequency, with an update rate of once per second.

focus free Motorised focus
The SC5000 series are equipped with a motorised focus. It can not only auto focus the camera but also allows for fast manual focus when needed.

lightweight Compact & lightweight
The FLIR SC5000 series are compact cameras for fixed R&D installations.

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