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FLIR GF77 Thermal Camera

FLIR GF77 is the first uncooled infrared camera from FLIR to visualize methane emissions in realtime for faster, more efficient gas leak surveys. This nimble, affordable alternative to FLIR’s industry-leading cooled optical gas imagers was designed for use by renewable energy producers, at natural gas power plants, and at locations along the natural gas supply chain.

The Groundbreaking, Affordable OGI Camera

Spectral Filtering for Methane

  • By filtering for methane and similar gases, the GF77 improves detection while also reducing false negatives from gases that absorb in other wavelengths.

Robust Camera Features

  • From laser-assisted autofocus to 1-Touch Level/Span contrast enhancement, the GF77 offers the latest high-tech features you’d expect from FLIR.

Designed for Your Workday

  • Designed with a 180° rotating optical block and an eyepiece viewfinder for all-day use, and packed with reporting features that help you organize your findings in the field.


Detector Type
Uncooled microbolometer
Dynamic Range
Focal Length
18 mm (0.71 in.)
IR Resolution
320 × 240 pixels
Standard, 1/4"-20
Spectral Range
7.0 – 8.5 µm
1-6x continuous digital zoom
Hazardous Location Compliance No

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