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Flir A320 Infrared Camera

  • The A320 is an affordable and accurate solution for machine vision and automation systems that require non-contact imaging and temperature measurements.
  • It is a complete machine vision and remote monitoring system that immediately identifies thermal problems that would otherwise go undetected.
  • Its built-in logic makes it ideal for safety/security systems, and for product and process monitoring in quality/reliability assurance programs.


  • Affordable, Fully-integrated Thermal Measurement Solution
  • Multiple Target Spots and On-board Analysis & Alarming
  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility
  • Real-time Analog and MPEG-4 Digital Video Output
  • LabView and C++ / Visual Basic Support
  • Multiple Users can Access Data from Multiple Cameras
  • Maintenance-free, Uncooled, Microbolometer Detector

Find Faults Quickly

  • Finding and resolving problems early can save thousands of dollars by resolving safety issues, cutting down on scrap and warranty costs, and improving product quality.
  • The A320 can spot subtle temperature variations undetectable by any other means.
  • These can be easily monitored with its thermal imaging, temperature alarms, and actual temperature readouts.

Instant Non-contact Temperatures

  • The A320 is designed to deliver accurate thermographic imaging and repeatable temperature measurements in a wide range of automation applications.
  • Each thermal image is built from 76,800 individual picture elements that are sampled by the camera's on-board electronics and software to measure temperature.
  • The near-real-time 16-bit 320x240 image data can be used to monitor and help control a production process, or can be processed by the camera's on-board intelligence to autonomously generate multiple independent digital alarms.
  • Fast data transmissions are facilitated by using the MPEG-4 compressed image format.

Outstanding Imaging and High Thermal Sensitivity

  • From the beginning, the A320 was developed to deliver accurate radiometric imaging and repeatable temperature measurements.
  • It features an advanced, uncooled microbolometer focal plane array (FPA) detector that delivers crisp, longwave images in a multitude of palettes.
  • Temperature variations as small as 0.08 °C can be detected.

Extensive Connectivity Options

  • Multiple A320s can be networked through their 100baseT Ethernet connections, and synchronized through the SNTP protocol.
  • Each camera can be assigned a unique IP address for detection and data exchange on a network.
  • FLIR's IR Monitor software can be used with a PC for camera control, configuration and monitoring via the network.
  • This also provides instant access to A320 thermal images and temperature data by any authorized user via LAN/WAN.
  • In addition, alarm messages and images can be sent by email to a remote location using the SMTP or FTP protocol.
  • Wireless connection options are also available.

Plug-and-Play Setup

  • The A320 features plug-and-play setup.
  • Simply connect the camera to a PC monitor and immediately view high quality, real-time radiometric thermal images that accurately show heat patterns and thermal anomalies.
  • Alternatively, images can be viewed on a standalone video monitor by using the camera's composite video output (NTSC or PAL).

Easy to Configure and Operate

  • The user-intuitive A320 is extremely easy to operate.
  • Its onboard logic and menu-driven controls enables users to select and manipulate multiple target spots, temperature range, image color palettes, multiple alarms and more - quickly and easily.
  • Adding IR imaging to a machine vision system is no more complex than adding a visual image camera.
  • Moreover, the A320 provides a simple way to create command and control programs through its bundled IR Config and IR Monitor software modules.

Easier Program Development

  • FLIR supplies multiple tools for developing customised programs that help monitor and control processes with the A320 Series.
  • These include the ThermoVisionTM LabVIEW® Digital Toolkit and ThermoVisionTM System Developers Kit (SDK).
  • In addition, the Digital Toolkit enables the easy creation of a machine vision or measuring application with a FLIR IR camera within National Instruments LabVIEW programming environment.
  • The SDK is an ActiveX component with methods, properties and events that allows Visual Basic/C++ developers to control FLIR cameras and convert incoming IR images to temperature images.

Ultra-compact, Rugged and Lightweight

  • Built to operate unattended for long periods in harsh industrial environments, the A320 has an IP40 rating.
  • Its compact design and light weight (less than 2 lbs.) allow it to be mounted in remote locations that may be optimal for data collection.
  • By taking advantage of Power Over Ethernet (POE) capabilities, local power supplies are not needed.
  • Fully configurable GPIO and V-sync functionality allows the A320 to be integrated quickly and easily into machine vision and automation systems.

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