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FLIR SC35 / SC15 / SC5 packs

Thermal imaging cameras can be used for a wide variety of R&D applications. Until today using a thermal imaging camera was often the privilege for large R&D departments. With the extremely affordable SC35 / SC15 and SC5 packs FLIR Systems is now bringing the advantages of thermal imaging to the test bench of every R&D engineer.

FLIR SC35 / SC15 and SC5 packages are not only extremely affordable. They contain both the hardware and software for analyzing and verifying your R&D projects. With the FLIR SC35 / SC15 and FLIR SC5 packs you will be able to visualize temperature and to measure temperatures in a non-contact mode.



Extremely affordable
The FLIR A5 sc comes at an extremely affordable price. It is the ideal tool for putting thermal imaging at work in a R&D and Science environment.


Extremely compact
All models are extremely compact. They can easily be integrated in any environment.

320x240 kopie.png Choice of image quality
The FLIR A35 sc produces crisp thermal images of 320 x 256 pixels. Users that do not need this high image quality for their application can choose for the FLIR A15 sc which produces thermal images of 160 x 128 pixels or for the FLIR A5 sc which produces thermal images of 80 x 64 pixels.

Gige GigE Vision™ standard compatibility
GigE Vision is a new camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet ­communication protocol. GigE Vision is the first standard to allow for fast image transfer using low cost standard cables even over long distances. With GigE Vision, hardware and software from different vendors can inter­operate seamlessly over GigE connections.

genicam GenICam™ protocol support
The goal of GenICam is to provide a generic programming interface for all types of ­cameras. Regardless of interface technology (GigE Vision, Camera Link, 1394 DCAM, etc.) or features implemented, the Application ­Programming Interface (API) will always be the same. The GenICam protocol also makes it possible to use third party software with the camera. GenICam makes the FLIR A35 sc plug-and-play when used with software packages such as IMAQ Vision and Halcon.

power over ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE )
Communication and power supplied with only one cable.


Possible to configure one camera to be master and others to be slave(s) for applications that call for more than one camera to cover the object or for stereoscopic applications.


General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
One output that can be used to control other equipment and one input to read the status from the same equipment.

accurate non temp measurement

Wide temperature range
The FLIR Axx sc-Series visualizes temperatures between –40°C and +550°C.

high sens generic.png High sensitivity < 50 mK
< 50 mK thermal sensitivity captures the finest image details and temperature difference information.

Available models

FLIR A35 sc FLIR A15 sc FLIR A5 sc
Resolution 320 x 256 pixels 160 x 128 pixels 80 x 64 pixels
Available lenses Focal length 9 mm Focal length 9 mm Focal length 5 mm

  • Calibration Available
  • Training Available
  • Rental Available

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