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APC InfraStruxure Energy Efficiency


  • Full insight into current and historical energy efficiency for facilities, identifying efficiency losses and enabling improved PUE values at subsystem level.
  • Intelligent PUE analytics at subsystem level.
  • InfraStruxure Energy Efficiency provides current and historical Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) values, enabling a fact-based understanding of how much power is devoted to driving the installed IT-equipment compared with the total facility consumption.
  • It provides a detailed insight into how effectively energy is utilised down to subsystem level, as well as an understanding of how to improve energy efficiency.
  • Subsystem data can either be measured or estimated, also allowing customers with few power meters to benefit from the application.
  • The web-based dashboard view includes efficiency data on current and historical PUE, as well as detailed subsystem cost analysis. InfraStruxure Energy Efficiency is available via InfraStruxure Operations, which enables integrations with InfraStruxure Central and 3rd party enterprise systems.

Features & Benefits
Total Cost of Ownership

  • Subsystem losses: Provides insight into energy losses and cost of energy at subsystem level, providing details of which subsystem draws the most costs.
  • Carbon footprint: Shows the CO2 footprint for each energy sub-system, for instant measurement of impact on the environment.


  • Multi-vendor data integration: Enables integration with 3rd party enterprise and building management systems, such as TAC by Schneider, for data gathering, customisation, and integration of PUE calculations.


  • Power dependency editor: Provides an overview of the power path through the facility, including a hierarchical break-down of the power flow from where the power enters the building down to the main Power Distribution Unit (PDU).


  • Localisation: User interface available in major local languages.


  • User roles: Enable different levels of access through multi-user login and pre-defined user roles.

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