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GP Batteries Recyko

  • GP ReCyko batteries, a new breed of rechargeable batteries blending the strengths of both alkaline and rechargeable batteries to bring higher environmental and economic value and greater convenience to the consumers.
  • GP ReCyko has excellent charge retention characteristic and can be used immediately upon purchase just like the conventional primary batteries and yet can be easily recharged when it is exhausted.

'The Gadget Show' Rechargeable AA Battery Test and Review what the experts had to say!

"The GP ReCyko 2100mAh batteries are a new breed of rechargeable battery, combining the benefits of Alkaline and rechargeable technologies being described by GP as 'always ready.' These use what GP term Green Generation Battery technology and are ready to go straight out of the pack - no pre-charging required (essential for those situations where you need a battery ready-to-go). The GP ReCyko batteries,have a low discharge rate which means they won't run down as quickly if left unused. In fact, they retain 90% of their charge after 6 months and 85% after 12 months! AND, they recharge the quickest in only 35minutes. The GP ReCyko batteries are also available in AAA which makes these my rechargeable battery of choice."

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