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Battery Design Capabilities

  • Together Gold Peak Industries and the Butler Group have the local engineering staff, design expertise and state of the art manufacturing resources needed to meet your custom battery application requirements.

Combined the Butler Group and Gold Peak's design capabilities include:

  • Initial engineering assistance in developing a design plan and specification.
  • Special cell designs in NiMh, Li polymer and Li Ion-cylindrical and prismatic
  • Custom electrical, mechanical and industrial pack designs
  • Application specific or off-the-shelf smart battery pack solutions
  • Cell, battery and application qualification testing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Custom charging systems
  • Custom packaging
  • Private labeling
  • World wide regulatory testing and approval

With years of experience in designing battery packs and chargers, both the Butler Group and Gold Peak have established a wealth of knowledge and expertise that allows us to provide you with an integrated, reliable energy solution for your custom application.

For more information on how we can help you design bespoke battery solutions, please contact Aidan Butler on + 353 1 6292620.

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