Butler Group Communications Communications Test and Measurement VIAVI TrueSpeed RFC 6349 based TCP Throughput Testing

VIAVI TrueSpeed RFC 6349 based TCP Throughput Testing

TrueSpeed is the industry’s first RFC 6349-based TCP test. A service provider can run a TCP test during the same truck-roll and with the same skill level technician in about 5 minutes.

Traditionally, the provider installs Ethernet services using RFC2544 or other types of layer 2/3 tests, but the customer’s business applications run on the TCP layer. This “gap” in testing is the cause of customer complaints / churn and significantly increases OPEX for service providers, due to additional truck rolls per service activation.

VIAVI innovatively solves this problem by introducing the industry’s first automated TCP layer throughput test, TrueSpeedTM, which is fully compliant to the new IETF RFC 6349, Framework for TCP Throughput Testing.The benefits of running the RFC 6349 compliant TrueSpeed test are to:

  • Ensure end-customer satisfaction before service is activated and prevent customer churn
  • Avoid future troubleshooting truck rolls and solve the bandwidth discrepancy mystery by applying best practices per RFC 6349
  • Prove to the end- customers (who use Iperf) that the CPE may be the problem


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