Butler Group Communications Communications Test and Measurement Viavi Optical Spectrum Analysers (OSA) for WDM and ROADM Testing

Viavi Optical Spectrum Analysers (OSA) for WDM and ROADM Testing

  • Viavi offers a full range of OSAs tailored for spectral measurements in CWDM systems in the access network as well as DWDM systems in high-speed backbone networks with datarates up to 40Gbps or 100Gbps.
  • The range features an OSA for testing ROADM-based systems, providing true OSNR measurements based on Viavi’s unique in-band OSNR method.


  • New OSA-500R with in-band OSNR method to measuring the true OSNR in ROADM based systems.
  • Internal online wavelength calibration guarantees highest wavelength accuracy and requires no recalibration, thus significantly reducing service costs.
  • High filter selectivity and lab optical performance over the full band, from 1250 to 1650nm, in a field-modular design


  • Measurement of the true-OSNR in Agile Optical networks including ROADMs and dispersion compensating modules.
  • DWDM and CWDM system testing during installation, maintenance, and network upgrade.
  • Automated DWDM passive and active component testing.
  • System verification testing according to the customer's preset limits.
  • Verification of ROADM configurations in Agile Optical Networks
  • Full-band optical spectrum analyser for the ONT platform, MTS-8000 / T-BERD 8000, MTS-6000 / T-BERD 6000

Key Features

  • New Optical Polarisation Splitting method (OPS-method, Viavi pat pending) for measuring the true in-band OSNR in ROADM based networks.
  • Future-proof design with a wide tuning range of 1250 to 1650 nm that is suitable for all optical DWDM and CWDM (Metro) networks up to 100GBps.
  • Channel drop option for troubleshooting and fault location. lsolation of a single channel out of the entire spectrum for further in-depth signal analysis with BERT or a Q-factor meter.
  • Software option for PMD testing based on the fixed analyser PMD test method.
  • Built-in optical component test applications for laser diodes, LEDs, and optical amplifiers.

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